Ceramics Class Schedule 2010
PLEASE NOTE change in schedule and offered classes:

Independent Studio:
$15 per class (not including supplies) or
$45 per month during any art class time (not including supplies)

Independent Studio is offered during class times to students  have approval of the instructor. This is a time for more experienced students to work on projects of their choice.

The new studio will be open for independent students on a trial basis and as soon as possible, as we transition equipment and needed supplies.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Teri Utz Bersee

Bio:  Meghan Yarnell
Meghan Yarnell received her BFA in 3D studies with a focus in ceramics from Bowling Green State University. She specializes in functional, wheel-thrown porcelain. Her work can be viewed at www.megchallie.com. She currently teaches art at Perrysburg Junior High.

9220 Noward Rd.
Waterville OH 43566

Art Class: (419) 349-2626
Pottery Class: (419) 367-1483
Our Mission:
To create a studio environment that encourages the study of art, artistic curiosity, development and practice, practice, practice...until seeing with your mind's eye enhances your vision, your perspective and the world around you.

All ceramics classes, except Independent Studio,  have been suspended due to our unwanted move out of the old school.

During this transition time, we will attempt to secure a location that is suitable, and affordable, for regular classes.

We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience and hope to be able to better serve you in the near future!

Please call Teri Utz Bersee @ 419-349-2626
or e-mail:  bountifularts@yahoo.com

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